Digital Programs
Code of Conduct


The purpose of this policy is to provide a code of conduct for any and all Stupid Cancer community members who choose to attend a Digital Program. It applies to all individuals present at Stupid Cancer Digital Programs.

Policy Statement

While attending a Stupid Cancer Digital Program, I agree that I will:

● Treat everyone in the AYA cancer community with dignity, respect, and worth.

● Make a commitment to be non-judgmental about the cultural differences, living conditions, beliefs, and/or lifestyles of other Stupid Cancer community members.

● Keep conversations confidential so that the programs are a safe space for all. Log on privately from a quiet place so outside individuals cannot hear the conversation. Make an effort to use a computer or tablet, rather than a phone, whenever possible.

● Refrain from making insensitive or offensive comments about politics, religion, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other potentially sensitive topics.

● Be cautious when requesting or sharing personal details, including medical and contact information (email, phone number, social media). Maintain appropriate boundaries both within and outside of Stupid Cancer mediated environments. Respect that other community members may prefer not to socialize outside of a Stupid Cancer group setting.

● Abstain from the consumption or use of all tobacco products, any recreational drugs, and/or excessive alcohol while involved with any Stupid Cancer event.


Stupid Cancer reserves the right to remove any community member from a Digital Program for not adhering to this Code of Conduct or behaving in an abusive or inappropriate manner.